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One at least of our Members, Geoff Parsons, is much involved in Job Club activities.  He tells me that there are Job Clubs in Edenbridge, Sevenoaks and Swanley.

Job Clubs are there to help people into work.  Geoff has given us a few notes on the Swanley Club,  we have asked Sevenoaks and Edenbridge if they would like to contribute their thoughts.  Swanley Job Club is open on Wednesdays from 3pm to 4:30pm at Swanley Library.  If no one has booked then the Job Club people will have left sometime after 4.30 but if you have booked, there will probably be someone there right up to 5pm.

On Swanley;

The Club has evolved into a “drop-in” mode much of the activity is one-to-one: with either,

  • career assessment, CV, interviews and the like, or
  • business development for start-up.

Roughly speaking at the first half-year there were about 25 members and roughly 25% of those had obtained part-time or full-time employment or have start-up businesses.

There are also four or five seniors “on the books”. Of these,

  • at least two have since gained at least part-time employment,
  • two of the seniors have successfully launched businesses,
  • another senior launched a business but illness and other factors means that this is in abeyance.

Some people cannot, or prefer not to, get to Job Club meetings.  These are “virtual members” who email or phone on points rather than wanting detailed analyses.  In the year there have been about three of them.

Beyond Job Clubs, there is also a big demand for Mentors.

Many of our Members would have a lot to offer in this direction.

 For Edenbridge Job Club, take a look at GB Job Clubs Directory page here.

Sevenoaks Job Club has a very full website here.

For Swanley Job Club, please use this contact form and mention the Job Club in your message.

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